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Dye-Sublimation   -   Vinyl-Printed   -   Screen-Printed   -   Sewn and Appliqued

Banners and flags can be made using several different methods. Choosing the right method is influenced by quantity, use, and the product itself. The different methods differ in pricing. If you have questions concerning what method would be the most appropriate for your project, contact us.

Dye Sublimation  

 What is Dye-Sublimation?  

  • Dye-sublimation is a printing technology which dyes polyester fabric by releasing heat-activated gases which bond with the fibers, resulting in a brilliant finish with photographic quality which is also weather resistant and washer safe. When we use the dye-sublimation process to print our flags and banners, we refer to them as "Dye-Printed".
How is it accomplished?
  • Dye-printing of  flags and banners requires several production steps to achieve the permanent dye-printing of the fabric.
  • The actual process involves first printing a digital file on special transfer paper, using our dye-sublimation  Mutoh printers, and then heat-pressing the transfer images to fabric using a large format rotary heat presss or flat press. Finally the dyed prints are sewn with nylon linings resulting in a finished product.
What is the result?
  • The end result is remarkable!  Brilliant full-process color at 720 to 1400 dpi, from simple to highly complex designs, printed on several standard polyester fabrics.  
  • The finished product is industrial level dye-printed and is very long lasting and colorfast.

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Vinyl Printed

Vinyl is an excellent substrate for use as a banner. Due to the heavy weight of the vinyl itself, it is not appropriate for use in flag construction. Printed with colorfast eco-solvent ink, our vinyl banners are brilliant in color and higly durable. We use several types of vinyl and recommend 14 oz. scrim vinyl for most banner projects. Vinyl prints result in a high-value product achieving both great price  economy and high-quality color and construction at the same time.


  • Brilliant color and durable strength, yet not rigid.
  • Flexible, easily transported and stored.
  • Printed with 4 color eco-solvent ink, for color range and color matching.
  • Finished with hemming and grommets.
  • Vinyl can be used for an extensive range of banner products.
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The Screen Print Process is used to print spot color (up to three colors). Screening ink is passed through a screen mesh one color at a time. The ink is laid on the surface of the substrate (cloth, vinyl, fabric), and is heat-cured for stability. Note that  traditional screen printing  will not achieve photographic color, especially full digital color.


  • Traditional  method to make multiple units of custom made flags & banners.
  • Various fabrics can be printed on including nylon, satin, polyester , tyvek, etc.
  • Traditional screening usually results in the image appearing on the front side with minimal penetration to the back side unless the material is light colored.  
  • Disbursed dye-screening allows for complete dye penetration of the fabric, resulting in a double sided screen print. The back side has a reverse appearance. 
  • Common flag sizes are 2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6' (in landscaspe shape).
  • Banners are usually restruicted to a maximimum of 8' in length due to screen size restrictions.
  • Screen printed, disbursed dye-screen printing, and acid-dyed flags and banners are priced by square feet, number of colors, percentage of coverage, whether single-side or double-side, and options chosen.

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Sewn and Appliqued 

Fabric and Technique Features
  • We manufacture custom nylon sewn & appliquéd flags and banners of the finest quality in a wide range of sizes, shapes and constructions. 
  • Their quality appearance is enhanced by the dimensional appearance of the appliqué technique.  
  • The flag or banner is constructed completely of 100% Dupont nylon, the industry standard for flag fabric. 
  • The fabric is colorfast and light in weight.  
  • All design elements of the flag or banner, including  lettering, logo, borders, etc., are composed of fabric pieces sewn to the background fabric using the zig-zag stitching capability of the industrial sewing machine.
  •  Sewn flags and banners are made using the most traditional of flag construction methods.
  • Custom-made nylon sewn and appliqued  pricing is determined by size, the number of letters, and whether made single-side, single-reverse, or double-side.  
  • For pricing, we also consider the number of colors, the complexity of designs (in addition to lettering), and options selected.
Custom Sewn & Appliquéd Flag Construction
  • Single:  Single-ply material with lettering and/or design appearing only on the face of the flag or banner.
  • Double:  Two single-ply material flags or banners sewn together back-to-back.  All lettering and/or design will appear correctly on both sides.
  • Single-Reverse:  Singly-ply material with lettering and/or design appearing correctly on the face of the flag or banner.  The image on the back side, however, will appear in reverse.
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