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Marching Banners - Imagine the Possibilities

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Marching banners really do an excellent  job of announcing your presence and purpose to the world. These  banners are  easily carried with a banner crossbar or marching banner frame, and  easily displayed using a simple wall mounted bracket or banner frame stand.  The marching banner is one of the most versatlie and useful of banner types. With us, you have a choice of making your marching banner in three different construction styles: Dye-printed on polyester fabric, vinyl printed with eco-solvent ink on quality multi-layered vinyl, and the traditional sew and applique method using nylon fabric.  Pricing is different for each construction method with the lowest pricing for vinyl printed banners, and the highest pricing for those that are sewn and appliqued and made in nylon.  With the advent in the last 15 years of the dye-sublimation technology, however, many customers are now choosing the dye-sublimation dye-printed method for the greatest value combination of quality, durability, and price.

Banner Aids:

Common Mascots 
Marching Banner Frames and Stands

Banner Aids:

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Marching Banner Templates

Banner Templates:

  • When thinking about a marching banner layout, begin with a template structure. This will be an efficient way of locating the layout design elements.
  • The template will determine where copy, borders, mascot or logo and optional scallop cut bottom are located within your design.
  • This is a logical first step in designing your banner. It can also simplify determining the cost of producing the banner.
  • Once the template is determined, then determine and locate the copy and mascot within the template.
  • Finally, choose colors, choose additional banner construction options.


Methods of Producing Marching Banners: Some Technical Information

You have a choice of method and appearance and cost range for your banner!

Dye-Printing on Polyester Fabric: 

Dye-printed banners require that we first print the banner layout as a print transfer using one of our dye-sublimation printers, and then print the fabric print itself.

Initially, a full size paper transfer is produced. Once printed, we then attach this ink-saturated transfer to a sheet of polyester fabric and run it through one of our large rotary  heat presses. The colorfast dye is then chemically bonded into the fibers of the polyester. Once the fabric print is available, we sew it together with nylon fabric lining layers. The banner is then  finished with double-needle stitching along all hems and usually a 3" pole-hem is added along the top length of the banner. Fringe is available in several different colors, and can be sewn onto the bottom of the banner hem. Additional finishing options such as a banner frame sleeve, can be added to the banner.  As noted, all our marching banners come with a 200 denier nylon fabric back-lining, consisting of one or two fabric layers as appropriate. 


Vinyl Banner Printing

A vinyl marching banner is the least expensive of the three production variations. We print on 14 oz heavy duty scrim vinyl with brilliant colorfast eco-solvent ink.  The banner is created with a 3" flat pole hem at top, double needle stitching and  vinyl second layer back lining. Vinyl is inherently more rigid than cloth fabric so the banner must be rolled for storage and transport (no folding). 


Sew and Applique Method: Nylon Banner

Initially, we produce a perforated pattern using your vector artwork. This pattern is then stenciled on to the background nylon fabric.  Next, we pin the nylon colors that will be appliqued on to the banner.  The banner then will go to a sewing machine operator who sews along the stencil lines using our zig-zag sewing machines. Once sewn, the banner will go on to an applique trimmer, who will trim away the excess fabric to reveal the letters, logo, etc.  The banner is then finished with double-needle stitching around the perimeter and a 3" pole-hem along the top length of the banner is added.  Finnally, sewn nylon borders, a banner frame sleeve, and fringe can be added.   All our marching banners come with  200 denier nylon fabric back-linings.

Pricing:  We encourage you to send an email with the details of your your quotation request, or use our multi-purpose Quote Request Form to submit your request for pricing of a marching banner.  


PDF  Parade Marching Banner Product Sheets


  Both the Kettle Moraine Hish School and East Cleveland Municipal Court banners were dye--printed on polyester fabric with colorfast dye-subliamtion ink.