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Custom Flags and Banners --  Dye-Sublimation, Screen Printed, Sewn and Appliqued


Methods of Construction

  • Dye-printed using dye-sublimation printing.

  • Dye-printing using the acid-dye print method.

  • Sewn and applique traditional sewing method.

  • Screen-Printing

Dye-Sublimation Printed Flags

  • Polyester Fabric
  • Custom Golf Flags
  • Team Mascot Flags
  • Logo Flags
  • Vertical Tall Flags
  • Custom Parade Flags
  • Custom Outdoor Flags
  • Family Crest Flags
  • Advertising Flags
  • Club and Association Flags


Sewn and Appliqued Flags

  • Nylon Fabric
  • Team Flags
  • Organization Flags
  • Advertizing Flags
  • Attention Color Flags
  • Tall Flags 

Sreen Printed and Acid-Dyed Flags

  • Nylon Fabric
  • Appropriate for Quantity


PDF Product Brochures you can Downlaod for more Informstion
Flags and Banners

Attention Flags

Advertising Flags

Golf Flags

Table Banners

Avenue Banners

Outrigger Banners

Marching Banners

Podium Banners

Self-Standing Banners




Flags and Banners - The Construction Difference

Flags: Flags are made to fly ouside in the wind or be displayed on a pole in an indoor display area or to be marched with in a parade as you would with an honor guard.  They are made single-side, single-reverse, or double-side in construction. They are made using nylon fabric when acid dyed or sewn and appliqued. They are dye-printed using the dye-sublimation method on polyester fabric. It is important that a flag shape be flexible and light in weight.  The flag is anchored to a mast or pole from the left-side, called the hoist. The finishing method is to provide   heading and grommets for outdoor use  or a vertical pole sleeve for indoor display or marching.

Banners: Banners are made to display by attaching to a wall, or hang from a railing or building. They can be used indoors or outdoors  and can be displayed on podiums, outrigger flag poles in front of buildings, displayed as marching banners, table displays, etc. In a similar manner to a flag construction, banners may be made single-side, single-reverse or double-side. Banners usually are meant to be attached and displayed by anchoring the top using grommets, roping or cables. They can be constructed using nylon or polyester and be dye-printed, acid-dye printed, screen-printed or sewn and appliqued.


Additional Items and Options

A flag or banner may be constructed with one or more of these options. The options are relevant to size, product type and application. Some options are suggested accessories, or can be used with existing banner or flags.

  • interlining or back lining

  • borders, roping, or taping

  • gold or white rayon fringe (other colors available)

  • non-tangle rod patches

  • scallop-cut or v-cut

  • pole hems (vertical or horizontal)

  • Velcro

  • sewn air vents

  • wood, metal, or PVC pipe crossbars

  • double stitching

  • double-side emblems

  • pennants and burgee fishtails

  • nylon blank banners

  • sewn copy additions

  • repairs on existing flags and banners

  • sail shapes and special bias shapes

  • adding panels to existing banners

  • sand pockets for outrigger banners

  • small dowels with cords and tassels

  • crosshatching and extra heavy finishing

  • hanging banner frames

  • stands, ornaments, and accessories

  • avenue banner poles and brackets

  • table banners with top and side panels

  • small printed flags with dowels or golf flags





Check List - 
Things to consider when requesting a quotation or placing an order for a customade flag or banner:






Requesting A Quotation

When requesting a quotation, always send clear indications of what you want, with enough information for us to respond.  This will help us dtermine pricing and to consider any design or construction issues. If you are providing a sketch or simple layout, please include margin notes regarding colors, finishing instructions, and desired options.

Consider this checklist:

  • Size and Quantity

  • The Type of Material or Fabric

  • Pantone Color Numbers (not cmyk values) for print

  •  Pre-dyed Fabric Colors for sewn

  •  Indoor or Outdoor Use

  •  Flag, Banner, Pennant, or Burgee - indicate product type

  •  Single-Side, Double-Side, or Single -Reverse

  •  Type Fonts for Lettering

  •  Complexity of Designs - include logo and design elements

  •  Special Construction - indicte requirement

  • Finishing Instructions - grommets, pole sleeves,etc.

  • Optional equipment needed - crossbars, tassel sets, etc.

Some Banner Shapes











Flag Structure