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  |  Helpful Tips - Succeeding with Banners and Flags

Success to you might mean displaying your colors in the grand concourse of the marketplace, knowing that your identity and purpose are cystral clear, contributing to your sales and bottom line. Or, proclaiming your presence at an event, your college logo flashing on the sports field.  

 might mean presenting your banner at a prestigious trade show, or an important meeting, announcing your message with pride and clarity.   To some, success is simply to be enjoyed by flying your flag at home.

The fact is that flags and banners can contribute to your success and validate your experience, in business and for life in general. They are dynamic tools for living and working.

Here are some reasons why.


A sign, cousin to a flag or banner, is a device that informs and announces identity. A successful sign achieves the purpose of telling the "who, what, and where" that a business, organization, or school needs to convey to clients, members  and the general public. A banner or flag accomplishes the same things with a more flexible format. They are light in weight, portable, and can be displayed rigid or wave with movenment. For convenience of setting up and taking down, there is no better alternative to a permanent  sign. Flexibility in a literal and figurative sense is the hallmark of using flag and banners. The fact that a flag or banner achieves your identification and information goals at usually much less cost than hard signage is a major plus.


Not only does a flag or banner announce identity and inform, it also indicates location. The clearest historical example of this is on the battlefield where banners wave boldly, but another example is the flag cup marker on the golf course, or the oversize U.S. flag flying at the central mall. When a hard sign is inappropriate or execessive in cost, a banner or flag is usually an excellent alterrnative. Examples of this are the  advertising banners displayed on light poles, outrigger banners mounted over storefronts on buildings, across-the-street banners at the starting point of a race course, etc. Of course, one of the most common means of identifying businesses, organizations and instiitutions of all sizes in all areas of the country is the logo flag. With the use of a flag or banner, identity and location go hand in hand.


"Keep It Simple" is often a wise principle to apply to life situations. It especially applies to flag or banner design when you want to achieve maximum visual results when presenting information or advertising. To be effective you need to allow for the viewer to react, to see and to interpret the information you are presenting.  Too complex a design can be distracting. Good contrast, appropriate color, balanced  layout elements, type styles and clearly presented information are all important.  But the idea of simplicity or that " less is more" should be the overriding principle applied to your project to achieve the greatest effect on the viewer. To be the most effective, Keep It Simple!!


The most common form of advertising is the company business card. It works because it convenys identity and information. You can also take it with you, hand it out and in a sense display it wherever and whenever you want. So too with flags and banners. Small in size when packaged, foldable and easily transported, fabric flags and banners are your advertising companion. Clients have informed us that our flags and banners have been to Antarctica close to the south pole, displayed on Mt Kilamanjaro In Africa, and on volcanos in Hawaii. Our products are easily transported to trade conventions and sporting events. Try that with a hard metal sign! And every holiday our TV sets showcase parades in which numerous marching bands march with their banners, having traveled across the country to display them.  We take pride in noting how many of these banners were manufactured in our facility over the years. Banners and flags, both stock and custom-made: "You can take them with you!"

  What about color and splash?  With the rapid pace we live, work and play today, we are always looking for cost effective and attractive tools to use for our benefit.  We want the greatest utility at the least expense. We want it to be readliy available and easy to achieve. On each point - cost, color, splash, utility, availability, ease of development - flags and banners of all types meet and exceed expectation. They, without doubt, can contribute to your success and the success of your organization or your busness.