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Golf Flags - for Individuals and Sponsored Tournaments

We offer a range of GOLF FLAG products. 

Custom Golf Flags: Our custom golf flags are made in  regulation 14"x20" size in dye-printed polyester fabric. These colorfast flags are available constructed single-side or double-side with lining. They can be finished with polyester heading and grommets or sewn to a vinyl rotator tube that can be placed on top of a regulation golf pole.

Solid Color Golf Flags: We make solid one color golf flags using nylon fabric. These flags can be made in any available nylon fabric color with heading or rotator tubes.

Nylon Golf Flag Print and Embroidery Blanks: Used for screen-printing or embroidery, our nylon blank solid color flags are available in most nylon fabric colors and are finshed with heading and grommets. They can be provided structurally with one or two layers of nylon fabric to facilitate embriodery needle penetration.

Polyester Golf Flag Trade Blanks:  Available in quantity, these blank polyester flags are ideal for dye-sublimation.                                                                                                                                                                         
Stock Golf Flags: Assorted layout specific to the sport of golf are available.                                                 
Golf Cups: For the golf course.                                                                                                                            
Golf Poles: Regulaltion 7' fiberglass golf poles come with bottom ferrule and top screw cap to hold golf flag in place. Rotator golf tubes slide on to the top of the poles.                                                             
Vinyl Rotator Tubes: Golf flags are sewn on to tubes which can be placed on golf poles to insure maximum swivel movement in the wind.



Golf Flags