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Project Starters - Suggestions for your Layout    (Design and Layout Elements)

Project Starters  -  Elements for your layout

Take a look at these groups of emblems, smybols, and mascots.  Each group contains design and layout elements that might be appropriate for your flag or banner layout, or your t-shirt or sash.

Some of the items may be appropriate to place directly in your layout!  

  1. Start by reviewing our Basic Construction Shapes  below or one of various product templates illustrating a specific product.
  2. Then decide on what design elements might be appropriate for your layout concept. For example, this might be a specific logo or emblem from our fire company group.
  3. Next, choose colors for copy, logos, background, borders, etc. Our nylon fabric chart could be very useful in selecting color and pantone reference.
  4. Once you have a basic idea of how you would like your layout to appear, you should list the specifics and send us a price request based on that information. Remember to note your size preference and tell us how you plan to use the item.
  5. Whenever possible include a simple sketch of the layout so we can more clearly see your layout idea in mind.
  6. Send us the quote request, or contact us directly by phone or email for more information. 

Use your imagination,  or ask us for suggestions.
If you have questions about any of these items, concerning size, placement, coloring,  etc., give us a call for clarification.      Call 845-246-7700.

Design and Layout Elements for your Layout 

Product Starter Logos, Mascots, Symbols, Emblems can help you develop your layout!

We have project suggestions and design elements
for a variety of common groups.

General Emblems & Symbols

Common Emblems & Mascots

Letter Shapes & Letter Styles

Fire Company Emblems, Scrambles

Police Emblems and Badges

Counties, Municipalities, Township

Churches & Religious Groups

Sample Fonts

Sample Ribbons

Special Occasion Template










Check out our
Construction Diagrams

located on the product page for informative,
illustrated explanations.
This an example of one of ur construction diagrams.

Attention Color Flags
Avenue Banners
Flags & Banners
Golf or Small Flags
Hanging Extra-Large Banners
Outrigger Banners
Parade or Marching Banners
 Pennants & Burgees
Podium Banners
Parade Sashes
Self-Standing Banners
Street Banners
Table Banners
Wall Banners
Wind Dancers









What is your preference?
What structure would meet your specific requirement? Flag shape, banner shape?

Take a look at some
Basic Construction Shapes
for more design ideas.

Standard Flag

Pennant Solid

Outrigger Banner

Standard Banner Solid

Burgee Fishtail